How to respond to a 1 Star review?


The success and reputation of a business are guided by reviews. Reviews can be positive or negative. Whereas positive ones steer up the fame and popularity of your business, negative reviews are sure to infuse damage to the earned brownie points. 1 star review is listed under the category of negative reviews.

It is crucial to respond to a 1 star review with intelligence else it may turn into a nightmare for your business. You need to understand the reason behind a 1 star review and tackle it efficiently. Well, it may be a little confusing sometimes to respond to a 1 star review as there can be several complications if not answered appropriately.

In this article, we will discuss ways, methods, and examples of how to respond to a 1 star review.


Key Strategies to Adopt While You Respond to a 1 Star Review

1. Be professional in your response even though the review may be genuine or fake

2. Never ignore a 1 star review and tend to overlook it

3. Negative reviews are an eyeopener to check for any improvements that have been Unknowingly overlooked

4. Even though it’s a 1 star review, it is good to address the reviewer and provide the personal touch

5. Express a note of thanks and gratitude for investing time in providing the review and rating

6. Do not forget to apologize since it’s a negative review, one of the vital points on how to respond to a 1 star review

7. Sometimes the reviewer may only rate and leave no comments, nevertheless, it has the same implications and hence needs to be treated in a similar way.

Templates for certain responses


1. Apologize and promise to amend

Dear <reviewer name>, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience faced. We will ensure to rectify the faults. Please give us a call and we will try our best to provide the correct information and help in resolving your issues.

2. Be a good listener

Dear <reviewer name>, please provide details on the problems faced to help in improving your experience. Please contact us at <mention the phone number> so that we can understand the problem much better and adopt the appropriate steps.

3. Express apology for not meeting the expectations

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are extremely sorry for disappointing you. Our team will endeavor in investing their sincere effort to provide an early solution to your problems, and hopefully won’t repeat again.

4. Validate the problems

Dear <reviewer name>, thank you for sharing your experiences and directing our attention to the problem faced. We sincerely apologize that you had to go through this sad experience. We will validate the issue and try our best to make things right.

5. Assume responsibility

Dear <reviewer name>, my name is <mention your name and role>. I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. I am trying my best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if you want to connect with us please call this <provide the contact number> and we will surely provide all the updates.

6. Try to normalize the tension

Apologize for the disappointment caused and for bringing this to our notice. Please give us a second chance to improve our service and make things right. We are sure you won’t complain again. Please trust us.

7. Express thanks for improving the service

Dear <reviewer name>, thank you for sharing your views. We certainly do not want to disappoint our customers. We aim to grow our business and improve customer satisfaction. We can assure you that we will improve our services with your valuable feedback and promise a better experience next time.

8. Proactive benefit offerings

We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. Usually, these problems do not happen. To ensure it is not repeated and to amend our faults, we are offering you a discount on our products and services, We will send you the discount voucher at your email address.
9. Own the problem

Dear <reviewer name>, we know it’s entirely our fault. Accept our sincere apologies. Please give us another chance and we promise to alter your experience, from negative to positive.

10. Express your gratitude

Thank you for your honest feedback. Your review will definitely help us to improve our service and rectify the problems fast. We are extremely grateful and will ensure resolving the problems as soon as we can.

11. Be thankful

Thank you for sharing your experience with us and we understand you are disappointed. Your satisfaction is of crucial importance and we will strive to make it better next time. Please accept our sincere apologies. Do reach out to us if you need any additional information or suggestions to further improve our service and products.

12. Resolve misunderstandings and miscommunication

Dear <reviewer name>, we understand your concern. We have investigated the matter from our end. There has been some misunderstanding and miscommunication, for which we firstly are extremely apologetic. We are rectifying the details provided to you for better understanding. We hope it will definitely resolve the issue.

13. Admit the mistakes

Thank you for highlighting the issues. We admit that we have not been able to meet the quality standards as promised to our customers. We hope you will give us another opportunity to serve you and we promise it will be a better experience. If you are willing, then please let us know if we can discuss this with you further in detail.

14. Provide explanations for the mistakes

Dear <reviewer name>, we understand there has been a failure. But we can explain the reasons for the mistakes. We assume full responsibility and will ensure early resolution of the problem. Please reach out to us at <contact number> if you need any additional information.
15. Strive for betterment

Dear <reviewer name>, we are truly disappointed to hear about your experience and the inconvenience caused. We will strive to improve our services but before that please accept our sincere apologies.
16. Request for additional query

Dear <reviewer name>, we thank you for sharing your feedback and experience. We are trying our best to resolve the issue as soon as possible. If you need any additional help or information please contact us at <provide the contact number> and we will provide all the support.

17. Express your concerns

Dear <reviewer name>, we are deeply concerned after hearing your review. We want to know more about the issue as we want to investigate the problem and resolve it as soon as possible.

18. Keep the customer informed

Thank you for providing your valuable feedback and bringing the problem to our attention. We have already taken the steps below to resolve the problem. <Mention all the steps taken so far>

19. Apologize on behalf of the team

I apologize for the inconvenience caused. On behalf of my team, we are sorry and we will strive our best to rectify the mistakes, providing an early resolution. It would be great if you can please share your valuable suggestions to improve our service.

20. Request for the betterment of service

Dear <reviewer name>, we are grateful for the honest feedback shared. We would like to understand how we can improve our experience. If you can please connect with us at <provide the contact number> and share your suggestions and recommendations, we would be extremely grateful.

21. Share the problem

Dear <reviewer name>, we are sorry to hear about the problems faced. It is not only your problem but our problem too. We will do our best to resolve the issue and solve the problem as soon as we can.

22. Discuss offline

Thank you for sharing your experience. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. We would be connecting with you separately to understand the details of the problem and we promise we will take care of the problem.


Negative reviews are as important as positive reviews. They should be provided equal attention by responding to them appropriately. The above examples will act as a reference and guidance for providing the appropriate replies.

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