11 ideas to boost reviews for your Hotel

ideas to boost reviews for your Hotel


For a hotelier, promotions comprise the critical part of the business growth and attracting potential customers. There are several strategies for promotions, one among them is gathering positive reviews about your hotel. The reason being whenever guests search for a hotel, they scan through the reviews and judge the credibility of the hotel. Reviews thus are a crucial mechanism to gain customers.

Now the question arises of how to boost reviews for your hotel. In this article, we will extensively discuss ideas that will help to boost reviews for your hotel and hence have a direct influence on your hotel’s reputation and popularity.

How to boost reviews for your Hotel ?

But before focusing on the ideas here are a few facts that you must think through for collecting reviews for your hotel.

Select the appropriate feedback management tool

With the advent of modern technology, it is good to select an appropriate tool for collecting customer feedback and managing the same. It is the first step and an important idea to boost reviews for your hotel. The tool should be selected in such a way that the users feel at ease in entering the feedback data and information with flexibility too.

Some of the commonly used methods being adopted nowadays are QR codes, printed URLs, automated emails or messages, personalized mobile applications for the hotel, and also reward programs. Thus you can understand the requirements of the customers in a much better way and decide on your business strategies, innovations, and improvements accordingly.

Plan an effective strategy

The hotel business is quite competitive and hence to stand ahead of others, you need to be innovative and introduce amenities and policies that are unique and eye-catchy. Your audience needs to notice the difference and exclusivity, which eventually will prompt them to write positive reviews. Indeed one of the most important ideas to boost reviews for your hotel.

Ensure to provide clear guidelines on your rules and vision, focus on customer benefits and satisfaction policies, and avoid confusing customers about your offers and services. Keep dwelling on the quality of service offered in your hotel to set positivity among the target audience.

Crafting a response to the guest reviews


Next, you may be receiving many guest reviews but then how to answer them, how to craft a good response to those reviews? Your response must be in such a manner that it benefits the hotel and future guests.

Here are some tips for you to ponder upon and refer to:

  1. Acknowledge and respond to the reviews as fast as possible.
  2. The tone of your message should be professional and honest.
  3. Do not use a generic message to respond to all the reviews, but personalize it as much as possible.
  4. Extend greetings and thank you messages, irrespective of a positive or negative response.
  5. Ensure you can communicate with the guests from the international arena.
  6. Make sure to invite the guests again to your hotel.
  7. If specific mention is made to a staff member, assure to pass on the message appropriately. Your message must portray the care for your staff.
  8. While dealing with complaints, ensure to apologize and quick resolution of the problems. Express your regret and assure no repetition in the future.
  9. It is sometimes recommended to use the name of the person responding to the review. This ensures that it’s not an automated reply but that there is a human brain or mind behind it.

Now coming to the ideas that will facilitate to boost reviews for your hotel.

Web and mobile check-in facilities

Travelers mostly prefer digitally friendly facilities while booking a hotel and checking in. It is faster and easier compared to the traditional method of standing in a queue at the hotel front desk and completing the formalities. Through mobile or web check-in, one can easily upload the identity proof and then receive access to the rooms.

Upon arrival at the hotel, you can just collect your keys and enter your room without any hassles or delays. It is easier also for the hotel staff to view the guest details and acknowledge and approve them. Moreover, the process is considered to be eco-friendly as there is less paperwork. It is considered to be one of the convenient ideas to boost reviews for your hotel.

An attractive hotel lounge

The provision of an attractive hotel lounge is a big plus point to boost reviews for your hotel. Ensure to provide enticing amenities at the lounge so that the guests are encouraged to come over. You can arrange for some jamming musical sessions, light songs, and music for entertainment.

Keep something to drink and munch on like cocktails, mocktails, and other drinks along with snacks or appetizers for the guests. The staff at the lounge must be experienced to handle the guests and keep the occupied. Many guests love to spend some time outside the rooms after maybe a long day at the office or even after coming back for a whole day tour.


Free Wi-fi and Internet facilities

One of the topmost priorities to boost reviews for your hotel is to provide free Wi-Fi and internet facilities. And over and above the network must be stable, secure, and reliable. In the modern days, people prefer to stay connected with the outside world constantly be it office or personal acquaintances.

Working professionals who stay in a hotel during their travels, need to work remotely and attend online meetings and discussions.


Normal travelers need the internet for connecting to social media platforms, to their friends, relatives, and family, and then surf through various websites for travel destinations, food outlets, and other information essential during travel. No one wants to be charged for Wi-Fi nowadays. Hence must be your priority focus area.

Complimentary Breakfast

It is a common trend among visitors to search for a hotel that provides complimentary breakfast along with a room tariff. The reason is, sometimes it is tough and inconvenient to get up in the morning and search for a decent breakfast outlet outside. Offering a complimentary breakfast at the hotel, helps the guests save time and plan well rest of the day.


Instead of looking out for food outside, it is always commodious to walk into the hotel and enjoy a sumptuous breakfast. Further, ensure the breakfast area is comfortable with provisions for a buffet. It is always advisable to offer Continental dishes along with local delicacies to accommodate both local and international guests.

Tea and coffee provisions are mandatory as most of the guests will seek them, first thing in the morning. Complimentary breakfasts are sure to boost reviews for your hotel in a positive way.

Provision for complimentary toiletries

Provision for complimentary toiletries is one of the best ideas to boost reviews for your hotel. Guests love to be pampered by surprises and freebies and hence these free items will serve a good purpose. While packing for a travel, it’s usual to forget a few required things or there may be restrictions on carrying such items on the flight.

The things which you can offer as part of complimentary toiletries are a toothbrush, toothpaste, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner, comb, manicure kit, basic first aid kit, bathrobe, shaving kit, and hairdryer.

Provisions for free parking

Many travelers love to ride their cars or even hire cars while traveling between destinations. Parking fees are disapointing, while booking a resort or a hotel. Its quite frustrating to spend money on parking and that too if one is spending days for the trip.


It is one of the best ideas to boost reviews for your hotel. The provision reduces stress and anxiety of parking charges and hours spent in ensuring the safety of vehicles of the travelers. Also they are assured of the parking place and space. It is always recommended to offer free parking to the guests is the list of amenities.

Tea and Coffee maker

It’s very rare that a person does not drink tea or coffee and especially while traveling. A tea and coffee maker is very essential inside the hotel room. Besides, you must keep tea bags, and coffee pouches with milk and sugar along with the tea and coffee maker. It’s also good to provide coffee beans and a cappuccino maker as an added advantage.

Also, ensure to keep provisions for tea and coffee at the hotel lobby too and at the in-house buffet restaurant too. This is sure to boost reviews for your hotel.

Facilities for indoor and outdoor sports

Guests sometimes prefer to spend time inside the hotel premises and engage in sports and other adventurous activities. Further, many love to spend weekends in complete leisure without moving out for trips. For them, you must arrange for indoor and outdoor sports to keep them entertained and engaged. They can spend a good time, keeping themselves active with different kinds of sports.


Inside the hotel, you can keep a table tennis board, dart games, bow and arrow, badminton, basketball, chess, and carrom board. You can also try rock climbing facilities inside the hotel premises. Truly a perfect way to entice travelers and boost reviews for your hotel.

Wellness programs and facilities

Nowadays, almost every other person is concerned about health and wellness. The recent pandemic spread has even further increased the need to keep oneself healthy to avoid being handicapped with unnecessary fitness issues. Further while visiting any destination, travelers prefer to remain fit and perfect to enjoy a comfortable vacation.

It’s good to arrange for some wellness programs and facilities within the hotel campus. There can be Ayurvedic spa facilities, yoga sessions, meditation sessions, ways to improve health, etc. You can even arrange for exercise classes and relaxation techniques.

An outdoor swimming pool

A hotel with an outdoor swimming pool to relax and enjoy is a perfect idea to boost reviews for your hotel. Swimming is an activity almost all guests love inside a hotel.


Ensure to provide facilities of serving drinks near the pool. And if the pool is an infinity pool, then it is beyond any explanation. Guests will surely rank the hotel highest, preferably since the views from an infinity pool is astonishing especially if it faces a scenic landscape.

In-house restaurant

Many times, travelers prefer dining inside the hotel instead of searching for restaurants. It’s better always to arrange for dishes from different local and international cuisine for the guests. This will reduce the worries of the guests and they can enjoy a sumptuous meal at the hotel itself. Ensure the dishes served are delicious and tasty, allowing no complaints from the guests.

Hope you have gained sufficient information on how to boost reviews for your hotel. The above-mentioned ideas have been found to earn substantial customer satisfaction and are great sources for enticing guests from various regions.

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