13 FREE Email Templates To Use When Asking For Reviews


As per research more than 91% of customers actively read online reviews, and an impressive 84% consider online reviews trustworthy as personal recommendations. Well-crafted email templates can convey your request for reviews clearly and concisely. This helps recipients understand the purpose of the email and the specific action you’re asking them to take. Using email templates when asking for reviews offers several benefits for businesses. Here are some reasons why it’s important:


Customer stats for online reviews


This emphasizes reviews’ substantial impact and influence in shaping consumer decisions and perceptions. Another noteworthy thing is that unhappy customers are often more inclined to leave a review than satisfied customers.

This underscores the significance of actively seeking reviews from customers who have had positive experiences with your product. However, requesting reviews can be a complex task.

This is where email templates come into play, simplifying the process of soliciting customer feedback.

In this article, we’ll share 13 email templates asked for customer review campaigns.

But before we dive into that, let’s explore how these email templates can benefit your feedback efforts.

Why Should You Use Templates When Asking for Reviews?

When considering the approach to collecting reviews from clients or customers, the question arises: Should feedback be requested individually, or is there a more efficient way to navigate this process through templates?

Here are the reasons why email templates asking for reviews can be helpful

  1. Consistency: Email templates help maintain a consistent message across all review requests. This ensures that your brand voice and key points are consistently communicated, helping to establish a unified and professional image.
  2. Efficiency: Templates save time and effort by providing a pre-written structure that can be easily customized for different customers or situations. This efficiency is particularly valuable when dealing with a large customer base.
  3. Clarity: Well-crafted email templates can convey your request for reviews clearly and concisely. This helps recipients understand the purpose of the email and the specific action you’re asking them to take.
  4. Professionalism: Templates can be designed to reflect a professional and polished image, enhancing the overall perception of your brand. Consistently well-crafted emails can make your communication appear more credible and trustworthy.
  5. Compliance: Using templates ensures that all necessary legal and compliance information, such as opt-out options or privacy statements, is consistently included in your review request emails. This helps your business adhere to relevant regulations.
  6. Brand Messaging: Templates provide an opportunity to reinforce key brand messages. By incorporating your brand’s unique value propositions or highlighting specific aspects of your products or services, you can encourage customers to provide reviews that align with your marketing goals.
  7. Personalization: While templates provide a standardized structure, they can still be personalized to some extent. You can include the customer’s name, reference specific interactions or purchases, and tailor the tone to match your relationship with the customer.
  8. A/B Testing: Email templates can be easily modified for A/B testing purposes. You can experiment with different subject lines, calls-to-action, or messaging to identify what resonates most effectively with your audience and improves the likelihood of receiving reviews.
  9. Metrics Tracking: Templates make it easier to track the performance of your review request emails. You can analyze open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates to understand how well your email campaigns are performing and make data-driven improvements.
  10. Eliminating Bias: Using a template minimizes potential bias in opinions. Standardized questions ensure a consistent approach, preventing variations in the information received.
  11. Efficient Tracking: Templates make tracking responses more straightforward. It’s easier to monitor who has responded and when, providing clarity in the feedback collection process.

How to Ask for a Review From Your Customer

When you email your customer requesting a review, you must empathize with their perspective. They’ve already bought your product, and now you’re seeking their valuable feedback. To prompt them to take a moment to review, think like a consumer.

Imagine you’re the customer and consider what would make you want to write a review.

Consider a scenario where you’ve recently bought a new gadget online. The company sends you a thoughtful email expressing appreciation for your purchase. They highlight the significance of your feedback and how it helps them enhance their products and services.

In the email, they make it super easy for you to write a review by adding a direct link to a simple review page. This approach acknowledges your contribution and makes the process easy and meaningful.

There’s a 90% likelihood that you’ll leave a review.

So, while sending an email asking for reviews, think about what would make you want to share your experience if you were the customer.

Here are some straightforward guidelines to ensure that your review request emails are as successful as possible:

  • Choose the right moment: email them when your customer has expressed satisfaction or after a successful transaction.
  • Be direct and polite – keep your request simple and courteous. Ask if they would be willing to share their experience through a review.
  • Provide Clear Instructions: offer brief instructions on how to leave a review. Ensure they understand the steps involved.
  • Follow up with appreciation: once they’ve left a review, follow up with a thank-you message. Express gratitude for taking the time to share their thoughts.
  • Respect their decision: if the customer declines or seems hesitant, respect their decision without pressuring them. Leave the door open for future feedback.

13 FREE Email Templates To Use When Asking For Reviews


1. Google Review Request Email Template

Google Review Request Email Template

Here is the email template. 

Subject: Your Feedback Matters – Can You Share Your Experience?

Email body

Dear [Customer’s Name],

We hope this email finds you well. At [Your Business Name], we value our customers’ opinions and would love to hear about your recent experience with us.

If you’ve truly enjoyed our products, we kindly ask you to consider sharing your thoughts on our Google business page. Your feedback means a lot to us and helps other potential customers make informed decisions.

To leave a review, click on the link below:

[Insert Google Review Link]

Your honest feedback is invaluable to us, and we appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Thank you for being a valued part of the [Your Business Name] community.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

2. Amazon Review Request Email Template

Amazon Review Request Email Template

Here is the email template. 

Subject: Share Your Experience with [Product] – Your Feedback Matters!

Email body

Hi [Customer’s Name],

We hope you’re enjoying your recent purchase of [Product] from [Your Brand] on Amazon! We’d love to hear about your experience and how our product has met your expectations.

If you have a moment, please leaving a review on Amazon. Your feedback is precious to us, and it helps fellow shoppers make informed decisions.

Here’s the direct link to leave your review: [Insert Amazon Review Link]

Thank you so much for choosing [Your Brand]. Your honest opinion means the world to us!

Best regards,

[Your Name]

3. Leave Us A Review Email Template

Leave Us A Review Email Template

Subject: Your Opinion Matters – Share Your Experience with Us!

Email body

Hi [Customer’s Name],

We hope you’re doing well and enjoying your recent experience with [Your Product/Service]. At [Your Company], we value our customers’ feedback, and we’d love to hear your thoughts on our products/services.

If you have a moment, please leave us a review. Your insights help us understand what we’re doing well and where to improve, ensuring we continue providing the best possible customer experience.

To leave a review, click on the link below:

[Insert Review Link]

We’re grateful for the time you’ve taken to share your thoughts. Thank you for being a valued member of the [Your Company] community.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

4. The Appreciation Boost Email

Asking for reviews

Subject line: We’re Blushing! Share Your Thoughts, [Customer Name]!

Email body

Dear [Customer Name],

We couldn’t help but blush when you recently purchased our [Product Name]. We’re thrilled to have you as part of our community! Your opinion matters to us, and we’d love to hear your thoughts. Share your experience with [Product Name] and help us spread the love!

Click here to leave your review: [CTA Button]

Thank you for being a valued customer. Your feedback means the world to us!

Warmest regards, [Your Name]

5. The VIP Treatment Email


Subject line: Exclusive Vip Access: Review [Product Name] & Enjoy Special Rewards!

Email body

Dear [Customer Name],

As one of our cherished VIPs, your opinion holds a special place in our hearts. We invite you to join our exclusive group of reviewers and enjoy some exciting rewards! Share your honest thoughts about your recent purchase of [Product Name], and you’ll receive a [Discount/Coupon/Gift] as a token of our gratitude.

Start reviewing now: [CTA Button]

Thank you for being a VIP! We can’t wait to hear from you.

Cheers, [Your Name]

6. The Hero’s Quest Email

The Hero's Quest Email

Subject line: Calling All Heroes! Help Others Discover

Email body

[Product Name] Today!

Dear [Customer Name],

You are more than just a customer to us – you’re a hero! By sharing your experience with [Product Name], you’ll help countless others find their perfect match. Take a moment to be a guiding light for fellow shoppers and leave your review. We truly appreciate your support!

Click here to start your quest: [CTA Button]

Thank you for being a hero in our community!

Best regards, [Your Name]

7. The Secret Society Email

The Secret Society Email

Subject line: Shhh… Reveal the Secrets of [Product Name] with Your Review!

Email body

Dear [Customer Name],

You’ve revealed the secrets of [Product Name], and now it’s time to share them with the world! Join our exclusive society of reviewers and help others discover the hidden wonders of [Product Name]. Your review will make a difference and earn you a special surprise!

Become a member now: [CTA Button]

Thank you for being a part of our secret society!

Sincerely, [Your Name]

8. The Sincerity Spell Email

The Sincerity Spell Email

Subject line: We Need Your Magic Touch! Cast a Review for [Product Name]!

Email body

Dear [Customer Name],

You possess the power to make dreams come true with your honest feedback. We believe in the magic of [Product Name], and your review will help others experience it, too. Please share your thoughts and let your sincerity work; it’s enchantment!

Cast your review here: [CTA Button]

Thank you for spreading the magic of [Product Name]!

Warm wishes, [Your Name]

9. “Quick and Easy”Email

Quick and Easy"Email

Subject line: Help us, [Customer Name]! Your opinion matters.

Email body

Hey [Customer Name],

We hope you’re enjoying your recent purchase from [Brand Name]. We value your opinion and would love to hear your feedback. It will only take a minute, and your review will help us improve our products and serve you better.

Click here [CTA button: “Leave a Review”] to share your experience with us. We appreciate your time and support.

Thanks again, [Your Name] [Brand Name]

10.”Thank You for Being Awesome” Email


Subject line: You’re amazing, [Customer Name]! Can we get a quick favor?

Email body

Dear [Customer Name],

We wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude for choosing [Brand Name]. Your support means the world to us. We strive to provide the best experience possible, and your feedback plays a crucial role in achieving that goal.

Would you mind sparing a few moments to write a review about your recent purchase? Your honest opinion will help us enhance our products and continue serving you excellently.

Click here [CTA button: “Write a Review”] to share your thoughts. We’re excited to hear from you!

Thank you for being a valued customer, [Your Name] [Brand Name]

11. “Exclusive Insider” Email

Subject line: Be a VIP reviewer, [Customer Name]! Get exclusive perks.

Email body: Hey [Customer Name],

As a loyal customer of [Brand Name], we invite you to join our exclusive VIP Reviewer program. We value your insights and would love you to share your thoughts on our products.

Participating lets you access exclusive perks, such as early access to new releases, special discounts, and personalized product recommendations. Your feedback will also help shape the future of our brand.

Click here [CTA button: “Join the VIP Reviewer Program”] to become an insider and share your reviews. We can’t wait to have you on board!

Best regards, [Your Name] [Brand Name]

12.”Win-Win” Email

Subject line: Help us help you, [Customer Name]! Leave a review and get rewarded.

Email body: Hello [Customer Name],

At [Brand Name], we believe in mutual benefits. Your feedback helps us improve, and we want to show our appreciation by offering you a special reward. All we ask is for a quick review of your recent purchase.

Once you leave a review, you’ll receive [Specify the reward: discount code, gift card, etc.] as a token of our gratitude. It’s a win-win situation!

Click here [CTA button: “Leave a Review and Get Rewarded”] to provide your valuable feedback and claim your reward.

Thank you for being a valued customer, [Your Name] [Brand Name]

13. “Tell Us Your Story” Emailtell-us-your-story-email

Subject line: Share your experience, [Customer Name]! We’d love to hear your story.

Email body: Dear [Customer Name],

Every customer has a unique story; we’d love to hear yours. Your experience with [Brand Name] matters to us, and we believe your story can inspire others.

We invite you to share your journey and how our products have impacted your life. Your review will help us understand your needs better and encourage potential customers to take that leap of faith with us.

Click here [CTA button: “Share Your Story”] to share your experience. We can’t wait to read your inspiring words.

Warm regards, [Your Name] [Brand Name]

Best Time to Ask for Reviews

The key to a successful review request campaign lies in choosing the right moment to make the ask. Finding the right time is about striking a balance.

Avoid overwhelming your customers with too many requests, and ensure that the timing aligns with their positive experiences with your business.

Here are the most popular timing considerations

1. Immediately post-purchase

Send a review request email immediately after a customer makes a purchase and is likely to be satisfied with your product or service. The positive experience is fresh in their mind, increasing the likelihood of a positive review.

For example, a customer buys a new smartphone online from you. Shortly after the delivery, you can email them, thanking them for the purchase and kindly asking for a review on the product page.

2. Successful service interaction

If your business provides services, consider asking for reviews after a successful interaction. This could be completing a project, delivering a service, or resolving a customer query effectively.

For example, After resolving a customer’s issue promptly, you send a follow-up email expressing gratitude and kindly ask the customer to share their feedback on the service received.

after successful service interaction

3. Product Arrival or Service Completion

For e-commerce or product-centric businesses, timing your review request when the product arrives or the service is completed can be effective. The customer has experienced the full scope of what you offer.

For example, a subscription box service sends a follow-up email to customers after they’ve received and enjoyed their latest box of curated goodies, encouraging them to leave reviews about their favorite items.

4. Customer milestones

Utilize your customer milestones, such as anniversaries of their first purchase or reaching a certain loyalty level. This not only prompts a review but also enhances the customer’s sense of connection with your brand.

For example, An online fashion retailer sends a special anniversary email to a customer celebrating one year since their first purchase. Alongside expressing appreciation, the email kindly requests the customer’s thoughts in a review.

Customer milestones

5. Positive feedback

If your customer provides positive feedback or shares their experience through other channels, like social media, take that opportunity to request a review. Their positive sentiments make it more likely for them to share their experience.

For example, you run a restaurant and receive a glowing comment about a delightful dining experience on your Facebook page. In response, you can send a direct message expressing gratitude and suggesting the customer share their positive feedback on popular review platforms.

6. Periodic Check-Ins:

Set up periodic check-ins through newsletters or post-purchase emails. Use these touchpoints to gently request reviews and keep your brand fresh in the customer’s mind.

For example, you send a quarterly newsletter to your users. The newsletter includes a section inviting users to share their thoughts and experiences, encouraging them to leave a review on relevant platforms.

Disadvantages of Email Templates

While email templates can be effective, there are a few disadvantages to consider. Generic templates can be impersonal and may not resonate with every customer. Moreover, customers may grow tired of receiving repetitive emails, leading to lower response rates.

To overcome these limitations, here are the mistakes you should avoid while using email templates.

  • Generic Messages: avoid sending generic emails that lack personalization. Customers are more likely to respond to personalized requests.
  • Overuse of Templates: Using the same template too frequently may come off as robotic. Rotate and customize your templates to keep the communication fresh.
  • Ignoring Timing: failing to consider the timing of your email can result in missed opportunities. Ensure your requests align with positive customer experiences.
  • Complicated Language: Keep your language simple and straightforward. Avoid overly complex or jargon-filled content that might confuse or deter customers.
  • Excessive Requests: Bombarding customers with frequent review requests can be irritating. Strike a balance and avoid overwhelming your audience.

Why Opt for Automated Emails with ReputeUp

At ReputeUp, we understand the challenges businesses encounter while seeking customer reviews. It can be time-consuming, requiring careful customization, tracking, and analysis. That’s where our automated email solution comes in to simplify the process and help you achieve maximum customer feedback effortlessly.

You access a powerful tool to customize and automate your email templates. You can create personalized review request emails that align with your brand’s tone and style, ensuring a cohesive and engaging customer experience. By automating the process, you can save valuable time and resources that can be better utilized elsewhere in your business.

ReputeUp empowers you to streamline the entire process, from sending review requests to tracking and analyzing the feedback received. This enables you to focus on what matters most: building a thriving business.

Get ready to charm your customers, boost your brand’s reputation, and welcome a world of positive reviews!


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