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We are trying to make it easy for anyone to generate reviews and collect testimonials.

Reputeup was born out of our challenges to generate reviews from happy customers for a local travel business based in Kerala, India. We tried manually following up with customers who were happy with service but very few of them posted reviews in our platform. We quickly realized that we need a platform and process which will automate review collection and follow up for each customer.

We created ReputeUp with the help of a family member who was a Product Manager and one of our staff members started spending 5 minutes per day ( rather than 2 hours in the manual process) on sednding review requests. With in 3-4 months, we climbed upto No.1 spot on popular travel review platforms even overtaking resorts with more customers than us. We have managed to hold on to that position for 10+ years in an intensely competitive travel and tourism inductry and our primary marketing channel was good reviews.

We have now made the platform seamless and easy for anyone to use. This can be used by hotels, dentists, spas, tour operators, clinics, car service centres, web design firms or any local business.

We are a team of three people and created this platform to replicate the same practices for other local businesses as well who are struggling to collect reviews from happy customers. ReputeUp helps any business to collect reviews in any platform of your choice and display reviews in multiple formats in social media and website

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~ Team ReputeUp